RT @andyguess: New version of my paper on Americans’ online political media consumption is live. People’s news diets are (still) pretty moderate overall. Now with 2016 and mobile data, over-time analyses, and bonus machine learning goodness. Comments welcome! Link: https://t.co/ntQZsLc4Hz https://t.co/1YZk2URZtg


RT @Sciferthebox: Technology was different, back in the 90s. Everything was made of a strange white plastic that gradually turned piss-yellow as the decade went on. https://t.co/9rRGQpEzhU


Liked on YouTube: Animal House Official Trailer #1 – Tom Hulce, John Belushi Movie (1978) HD

Animal House Official Trailer #1 – Tom Hulce, John Belushi Movie (1978) HD
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Animal House Trailer – Directed by John Landis and starring Tom Hulce Stephen Furst Mark Metcalf Mary Louise Weller and Martha Smith Knowledge is good, but swilling kegs of beer is more fun! Just ask the guys at the Delta House fraternity. Dean Wormer puts the titular frat on double-secret probation, and it’s up to Bluto, Flounder, Pinto and the rest of the brothers to get even.

Universal – 1978

RT @lagora_uab: Programa 7. I final de temporada… Però marxem amb molt bon record i amb ganes de més! Ens despedim amb l’entrevista d’Ignasi Termes (de l’organització de @CanetRock_), una nit que veurem sortir el sol! https://t.co/axEBYl3OHW